Nov 11th

New Sel8nne collection out in 2016

Teemu Selänne makes a little piece of history next summer when his Sel8nne clothing collection is launched in California. He becomes the first Finn to launch a personal brand collection outside of Finland.

“It’s huge. The main marketplace for the collection will be Teemu’s website at, and selected stores in Finland and the US,” says Lauri Hulkko, CEO of Logonet, the design and manufacturing partner.

The Sel8nne collection, aimed at active adults, will be launched simultaneously in Finland and California. The collection has been designed by Logonet’s concept director Päivi Jokelainen, together with Teemu.

Teemu has taken an active part in the design of other Sel8nne products as well. In November, Finnish Kalevala Koru unveiled its K8SI (for “kasi”, an informal word for “8” in Finnish) and in January, it’s time for the launch of the TS8 nutritional supplement line. Related to that, will also share stories about how especially children and young adults can exercise and eat better.

“I want to do what I can to encourage kids to be active and eat healthy,” Teemu says.

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