NHL goals

In 21 seasons, Teemu scored 684 regular season goals, averaging 33 goals per season. He also scored 44 goals in the playoffs.



All in all, he played 1451 regular season games, and scored 684+773=1457 points, and added 88 points in 130 post-season games.



Teemu scored 76+56=132 points in 84 games with the Winnipeg Jets as a rookie in 1993.


Olympic points

Leading scorer in Olympic history with 24+19=43 points in 37 games in six tournaments between 1992 and 2014.


Stanley Cup

Teemu won the Stanley Cup once, in 2007.

Teemu year by year
Teemu in Anaheim Ducks

Did you know

Teemu is the most famous charity worker in Finland. He has his own charitable organization, Finnish Flash.

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Teemu started in Anaheim Ducks early 1996, and played there for 15 seasons.

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